Monday, December 12, 2011

1st Annual Christmas Newsletter

Wine Bottle Ryan used to propose
When thinking if we should write an annual Christmas letter, my first thought was that would be a lot of paper-so in true "green" fashion I'm turning to our blog to tell you about our crazy year!
To begin to understand the whirlwind of a year and a half we've had I'll start back in September 2010, where one night changed the course of our lives forever. Ryan took me to James Arthur Vineyard on what I thought was a Friday night date.  Overlooking the vineyard at a private gazebo we enjoyed some red wine. After a couple glasses, I noticed some writing on the inside of the label "Steph Will You Marry Me?"  I started screaming and Ryan got down on one knee and after saying a million nice things officially asked.  I of course said YES, cried and proceeded to dance around the gazebo by myself for a good 5 minutes.  For the rest of the night I proclaimed to complete strangers that we were engaged! It was perfect!
For the next year I was in total "planning mode" while our story continued to move forward.  

Engagement Photo

At Plymouth Church
Ryan continued his career as the Corporate Sales Manager at The Holiday Inn Downtown in Lincoln-and I was finishing up my 4th year as a television reporter for KLKN-TV; the ABC affiliate in Lincoln. We made lots of road trips back and forth to Des Moines-putting together the pieces of our big day, and after 13 months of careful planning-on October 15, 2011 we said "I Do" in front of around 250 of our friends and family.  The day was absolutely beautiful-we got married at Plymouth Congregational Church in Des Moines-the same church my parents; Joe & Ginger got married at in 1981.  The ceremony was perfect-there were even a few mentions by the minister of us choosing 10-15-11 because it also was the bi-week for the Nebraska Cornhuskers, Ryan's favorite team! It made for some good laughs and a memorable ceremony!

First Dance: "I'll Be" by: Edwin McCain

After the ceremony we headed to the Holiday Inn in Des Moines to dance the night away. In true Costanzo tradition-pasta was served as the main dish along with homemade Italian cookies & delicious wedding cake.  As a unique favor-each 
guest walked away with caramel apples one of our very favorite treats! 

On the beach outside our resort
 After an amazing weekend-we headed to the beach-Cozumel, Mexico to be exact! We spent a week catching some sun, floating in the resorts lazy river, and just getting some much needed R&R. Ryan enjoyed the all-inclusive aspects of the resort while I enjoyed just lying on the beach with a fruity beverage! After an amazing week we headed back to reality and to Lincoln where some big changes were about to happen!
We began moving forward with our new married life in Lincoln-even started looking at homes in the area.  And only 1 month after we said I Do I got a phone call--there was a reporter opening in my hometown of Des Moines. It was the station I interned at in college and the obvious next step if I wanted to continue a career in television. So as I write this my bags are packed and I'll be moving back to Des Moines to start a new opportunity doing what I love-reporting the news, and lets face it getting paid to talk!!! I'll be working for WHO-TV, Channel 13-so all you in the area better tune in!  Ryan will stay back in Lincoln until he finds a great opportunity in Des Moines as well! He has a few strong leads but if anyone knows any sweet sales jobs-pass them along to us! Although being apart as newlyweds will be hard-we decided if we didn't take this leap of faith I might look back and regret not following my dream to report the news in my hometown--so our journey is taking us to Iowa -where a new chapter will begin! So as I write this "green" friendly Christmas newsletter-I can't help but see how truly blessed we are! We have amazing families who are supporting us-friends who are cheering us on-and each other-starting a new life together that has the promise of more adventure-more love and more laughter for years and years to come!
Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!
The Moore's

Monday, November 14, 2011

The American Dream!

The American Dream--it's something we all grow up hearing about but achieving it can be difficult.  Ryan and I are in the process of starting to look for houses-I just love this painting which looks like the most perfect house! Although I'm sure we won't be moving into a home like this it's good to have dreams right?  We are meeting with our Realtors tonight-I think we are very lucky because the couple we're using have known Ryan since he was in High School.  Their son was an Usher in our wedding just a month ago, so it's nice to know we'll have them on our side :)  Now that we're pre-approved for a home loan we can start looking at homes in our price range.  When I've looked a few websites it's scary to say the least to think you can afford something like your parents have....I'm used to renting small houses and apartments so this is new ground!  Home ownership is an exciting thought but also one I'm taking really seriously-I'll be doing my homework on the best areas, schools, and homes in Lincoln.  Here's to one day saying The Moore's are "living" the American Dream!                                 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Post Wedding!

It's been 3 weeks since Ryan and I said "I Do" and life is getting back to normal. I worked my butt off to get all our thank-yous out and finished those up this weekend.  Although we haven't gotten our official wedding pictures back yet, I had to post this one!  It's an idea my personal attendant found on We hadn't seen each other yet but were just holding hands before we did our "first look"  I think it turned out great and is a unique pic.
     We also had some other big news this week---we got pre-approved for a home loan!  The thought of owning a house is a scary thought for anyone and we are in the same boat.  We've gotten so many great wedding gifts and I don't want to use them in the place we rent if we're going to move--plus we just don't have the space.
I started looking at houses we could afford and it's exciting but overwhelling all at once!  My mom suggested making a list of everything we want in a home then pass that along to our realtors-so we don't waste our time looking at anything that isn't exactly what we want! Good advice Mom :)
Ryan is still working at the Holiday Inn downtown and me at Union Bank & Trust.  Ryan loves his job as Corporate Sales Manager and I'm getting the hang of life as a Millennial Marketing Manager--but I have to admit it's a complete 180 from my old tv gig as a reporter.
So as of now we can't complain life is good and we are excited to moving on to the next chapter of our lives!
We'll keep you posted--

Monday, October 3, 2011

Wedding Guest Book-GREAT IDEA!!!

I wanted to do something different with our wedding guest book and thought why not make it more of a scrapbook.  I found this site... that basically creates it for you-all you do is add the photos!! Now I'll have a record of everyone who came plus a fun book for the coffee table! Check it out and let me know what you think?
| Learn About Mixbook Photo Books | Create your own Photo Book

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Last Couple Days at the 8!!!

It's weird to think after working for a company (KLKN-TV) for four long years everything I have here doesn't even fill a whole box!  Although I've had some great times at Channel 8, I felt it was my time to move on see what the future holds.  Working at KLKN helped me land my first job out of college and gave me the skills needed to move on (hopefully) in the business.  I made a lot of great friends while at KLKN as well.  I'm not trying to get emotional but it's just so strange to think you'll be here one week and the next--your desk will be taken over by some new guy and you are no longer on the airwaves for the Lincoln public. 
I'm also getting married in 2 months and that along with no current job lined up is causing me so much stress, lucky I have a great support system in my life to help me get through the tough times!  I'm not going to lie I've had a couple *mental break-downs but nothing a bottle of wine can't cure haha-Thanks Ry!
I feel really good about today, and am hoping I get some great news about one of my three job prospects! 

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Wedding Flowers

I've finally narrowed down my wedding flowers my colors are fall but I having trouble picturing what I would do for flowers.  This was funny to me since I worked at Hy-Vee floral shop all through high school and college haha.  Anyways, through some help from a couple of my bridesmaids I picked White Hydrangea and both orange and white calla lilies with some "steph" flowers as fillers.  They're great because with stephanotis you add a pearl in the middle to give it that glam factor.  To tie them all together literally I'm using raffia it's kind of like twin but a little less tough.  Now I just need to put my order in and see what the damage will be awww!  3 months and counting less then 100 days-I can't WAIT!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Wedding Invites: CHECK!

After several long days and some help from the good old Maid Of Honor (Ashley Jo Costanzo) I've finished all 200 invites!  I of course wanted to save money so I bought the kits at Target for $20 bucks for 50 and designed and printed my own at home.  I never thought it would be such a process stuffing all of them and addressing them individually.  I wanted the front to look nice, so I used a calligraphy pen and tried to use my best handwriting on each one.  However, I think towards the end of the alphabet my penmanship started to suffer.  At least they are all done and will be mailed out next week.  I can't believe the wedding is only 3 months away!!!  I'm also excited for this weekend, I'm going home to Des Moines to meet up with some of my lovely bridesmaids.  Maybe we can bang out some more wedding items over the weekend. 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Busy Wedding Weekend!

We sure had a busy weekend.  First my parents came to visit Ryan and I from Des Moines, they stayed at Ryan's hotel (the Holiday Inn) and we had a blast.  On Saturday we finally took our engagement photos.  This was the 3rd time we had tried to take them, since the first two got canceled because of weather.  We took them at James Arthur Vineyard where Ryan proposed on September 19, 2010.

It was so beautiful out and I think the pics will turn out great.  We had a picnic with our favorite wine and took some pics that way.  This one is from my Mom's cell phone-she was excited to be part of the experience.
The next day on Sunday-we headed down to David City, NE where Ryan's great Aunt lives.  She offered to hem and put a bustle in my dress.  It was exciting to try on the dress and luckily it still fits :)  I also got to see the dress with the birdcage veil I had ordered.  I think the two look good together, so let's hope on the day of -it all comes together!  My Mom got to help me put the dress on and was getting all teary eyed...I hope she can hold it together on 10-15-11 but I guess she is my Mom so it's okay!  As soon as I get the engagement proofs, I'll make sure and post them!
Getting excited for the big day!!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Wedding Favor Stamp!

Just got my stamp in the mail.   I was looking at cute ways to label my wedding favors and came up with this affordable option.  I'm giving out carmel apples to my guests since it's a fall wedding.  I looked at tags that have our name printed on them already and found if I made a stamp ($9) and stamped card stock myself it was a more affordable option and I think more creative.  I want to get all different colors of ink (fall colors) and mix up the colors for each table.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ring Bearer Pillow-DIY

my supplies
putting the final stuffing in pillow!

finished product!

I was looking at the prices for the ring bearer pillow and was shocked. I'm already a cheep person but they were over $20 bucks at two different stores so I thought I'd take on the challenge of making my own. I first found the fabric, I picked a shiny ivory color and it was under 2 bucks for a 15x15 piece. Then I picked out some ribbon around $2.50 for the entire roll. I saw a photo of a ring bearer pillow online and instead of rings it replaced it with a flower so I took that idea and found an artificial ivory rose to put on top. ($3) I don't have a sewing machine so I pinned the 2 pieces together 12x12 and flipped it inside out and started hand sewing. I wouldn't say it's perfect but worked well...with only about 2 inches left I turned it back right side out and stuffed it with some pillow stuffing I found at Michaels ($3) and sewed the rest shut. I tied on the ribbon and glued the flower on top with super glue. Total cost fewer than 10 bucks! I was pretty impressed and Ryan said it didn't look half bad haha. I think I could get into do it yourself projects, especially if it helps me save some cash for the wedding!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Cake Topper!

I keep getting all my online wedding purchases in the mail and the other day I got our cake topper. It was a little weird to get a big 'M' in the mail knowing that will soon be my new name! I ordered in online and got it for a steal only about 10 bucks! It's got a gold tint which will match my cake perfect. Ryan and I went cake tasting over Easter and picked out a 3 tier wedding cake. It will be white cake with a almond butter frosting with chocolate fondant on top and fake leaves draped down from the top. We're also having sheet cakes too for our guests. I didn't want to spend 1/3 of my budget on cake so this was an affordable way to have lots of cake for everyone.
We have Ryan's cousins wedding this weekend and I'm pretty excited! Plus, as Ryan says we can see how his family acts at a wedding before our big day! haha
Until next time-much love!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Wedding Veil Arrived!

My wedding veil arrived in the mail today!  I have to be honest ordering a veil online for the biggest day of your life is a little scary but it was beautiful!  I'm going for a vintage style wedding in the first place so I was leaning toward a birdcage style veil and decided on this one with a detachable feather clip.  My dress is ivory lace and this will hopefully be the perfect compliment to my big day!  I'm planning on wearing the veil and clip for the ceremony and just the feather clip for the reception.  My jewelry is being custom made by a lady at my work and all the beading in the clip matches the ivory pearls I'm wearing!
Trying the veil on tonight, I got a little teary eyed.  I've had a couple moments before with the dress but this put the entire outfit together for me!  Ryan was pretty cute too, he didn't want to see it on me and insisted I keep my bedroom door closed when I was trying it on.  Can't wait till I get to see him on the big day!   The photos I attached are from the the lady I ordered them from...  she had some beautiful veils and I fell in love with the feather clip with the ivory golden center.  The birdcage veil will look just like the second photo but with my clip attached!

First Post

This is my first official blog post!  For being such a computer nerd, I'm surprised I haven't jumped on the blogging boat sooner!  My bestie Maria... got me excited about the blogging world so I jumped on board!  I'm 5 months away from my wedding and getting very excited!  Lots of little planning has been going on in the recent months and I still have a lot of small projects left to do!