Monday, November 14, 2011

The American Dream!

The American Dream--it's something we all grow up hearing about but achieving it can be difficult.  Ryan and I are in the process of starting to look for houses-I just love this painting which looks like the most perfect house! Although I'm sure we won't be moving into a home like this it's good to have dreams right?  We are meeting with our Realtors tonight-I think we are very lucky because the couple we're using have known Ryan since he was in High School.  Their son was an Usher in our wedding just a month ago, so it's nice to know we'll have them on our side :)  Now that we're pre-approved for a home loan we can start looking at homes in our price range.  When I've looked a few websites it's scary to say the least to think you can afford something like your parents have....I'm used to renting small houses and apartments so this is new ground!  Home ownership is an exciting thought but also one I'm taking really seriously-I'll be doing my homework on the best areas, schools, and homes in Lincoln.  Here's to one day saying The Moore's are "living" the American Dream!                                 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Post Wedding!

It's been 3 weeks since Ryan and I said "I Do" and life is getting back to normal. I worked my butt off to get all our thank-yous out and finished those up this weekend.  Although we haven't gotten our official wedding pictures back yet, I had to post this one!  It's an idea my personal attendant found on We hadn't seen each other yet but were just holding hands before we did our "first look"  I think it turned out great and is a unique pic.
     We also had some other big news this week---we got pre-approved for a home loan!  The thought of owning a house is a scary thought for anyone and we are in the same boat.  We've gotten so many great wedding gifts and I don't want to use them in the place we rent if we're going to move--plus we just don't have the space.
I started looking at houses we could afford and it's exciting but overwhelling all at once!  My mom suggested making a list of everything we want in a home then pass that along to our realtors-so we don't waste our time looking at anything that isn't exactly what we want! Good advice Mom :)
Ryan is still working at the Holiday Inn downtown and me at Union Bank & Trust.  Ryan loves his job as Corporate Sales Manager and I'm getting the hang of life as a Millennial Marketing Manager--but I have to admit it's a complete 180 from my old tv gig as a reporter.
So as of now we can't complain life is good and we are excited to moving on to the next chapter of our lives!
We'll keep you posted--