Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Post Wedding!

It's been 3 weeks since Ryan and I said "I Do" and life is getting back to normal. I worked my butt off to get all our thank-yous out and finished those up this weekend.  Although we haven't gotten our official wedding pictures back yet, I had to post this one!  It's an idea my personal attendant found on http://www.pinterest.com/ We hadn't seen each other yet but were just holding hands before we did our "first look"  I think it turned out great and is a unique pic.
     We also had some other big news this week---we got pre-approved for a home loan!  The thought of owning a house is a scary thought for anyone and we are in the same boat.  We've gotten so many great wedding gifts and I don't want to use them in the place we rent if we're going to move--plus we just don't have the space.
I started looking at houses we could afford and it's exciting but overwhelling all at once!  My mom suggested making a list of everything we want in a home then pass that along to our realtors-so we don't waste our time looking at anything that isn't exactly what we want! Good advice Mom :)
Ryan is still working at the Holiday Inn downtown and me at Union Bank & Trust.  Ryan loves his job as Corporate Sales Manager and I'm getting the hang of life as a Millennial Marketing Manager--but I have to admit it's a complete 180 from my old tv gig as a reporter.
So as of now we can't complain life is good and we are excited to moving on to the next chapter of our lives!
We'll keep you posted--

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  1. yay!! keep us posted on the house. so happy for you two. :)