Thursday, August 11, 2011

Last Couple Days at the 8!!!

It's weird to think after working for a company (KLKN-TV) for four long years everything I have here doesn't even fill a whole box!  Although I've had some great times at Channel 8, I felt it was my time to move on see what the future holds.  Working at KLKN helped me land my first job out of college and gave me the skills needed to move on (hopefully) in the business.  I made a lot of great friends while at KLKN as well.  I'm not trying to get emotional but it's just so strange to think you'll be here one week and the next--your desk will be taken over by some new guy and you are no longer on the airwaves for the Lincoln public. 
I'm also getting married in 2 months and that along with no current job lined up is causing me so much stress, lucky I have a great support system in my life to help me get through the tough times!  I'm not going to lie I've had a couple *mental break-downs but nothing a bottle of wine can't cure haha-Thanks Ry!
I feel really good about today, and am hoping I get some great news about one of my three job prospects!