Monday, May 16, 2011

Wedding Veil Arrived!

My wedding veil arrived in the mail today!  I have to be honest ordering a veil online for the biggest day of your life is a little scary but it was beautiful!  I'm going for a vintage style wedding in the first place so I was leaning toward a birdcage style veil and decided on this one with a detachable feather clip.  My dress is ivory lace and this will hopefully be the perfect compliment to my big day!  I'm planning on wearing the veil and clip for the ceremony and just the feather clip for the reception.  My jewelry is being custom made by a lady at my work and all the beading in the clip matches the ivory pearls I'm wearing!
Trying the veil on tonight, I got a little teary eyed.  I've had a couple moments before with the dress but this put the entire outfit together for me!  Ryan was pretty cute too, he didn't want to see it on me and insisted I keep my bedroom door closed when I was trying it on.  Can't wait till I get to see him on the big day!   The photos I attached are from the the lady I ordered them from...  she had some beautiful veils and I fell in love with the feather clip with the ivory golden center.  The birdcage veil will look just like the second photo but with my clip attached!

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