Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ring Bearer Pillow-DIY

my supplies
putting the final stuffing in pillow!

finished product!

I was looking at the prices for the ring bearer pillow and was shocked. I'm already a cheep person but they were over $20 bucks at two different stores so I thought I'd take on the challenge of making my own. I first found the fabric, I picked a shiny ivory color and it was under 2 bucks for a 15x15 piece. Then I picked out some ribbon around $2.50 for the entire roll. I saw a photo of a ring bearer pillow online and instead of rings it replaced it with a flower so I took that idea and found an artificial ivory rose to put on top. ($3) I don't have a sewing machine so I pinned the 2 pieces together 12x12 and flipped it inside out and started hand sewing. I wouldn't say it's perfect but worked well...with only about 2 inches left I turned it back right side out and stuffed it with some pillow stuffing I found at Michaels ($3) and sewed the rest shut. I tied on the ribbon and glued the flower on top with super glue. Total cost fewer than 10 bucks! I was pretty impressed and Ryan said it didn't look half bad haha. I think I could get into do it yourself projects, especially if it helps me save some cash for the wedding!

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