Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Busy Wedding Weekend!

We sure had a busy weekend.  First my parents came to visit Ryan and I from Des Moines, they stayed at Ryan's hotel (the Holiday Inn) and we had a blast.  On Saturday we finally took our engagement photos.  This was the 3rd time we had tried to take them, since the first two got canceled because of weather.  We took them at James Arthur Vineyard where Ryan proposed on September 19, 2010.

It was so beautiful out and I think the pics will turn out great.  We had a picnic with our favorite wine and took some pics that way.  This one is from my Mom's cell phone-she was excited to be part of the experience.
The next day on Sunday-we headed down to David City, NE where Ryan's great Aunt lives.  She offered to hem and put a bustle in my dress.  It was exciting to try on the dress and luckily it still fits :)  I also got to see the dress with the birdcage veil I had ordered.  I think the two look good together, so let's hope on the day of -it all comes together!  My Mom got to help me put the dress on and was getting all teary eyed...I hope she can hold it together on 10-15-11 but I guess she is my Mom so it's okay!  As soon as I get the engagement proofs, I'll make sure and post them!
Getting excited for the big day!!

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