Sunday, December 9, 2012

Second Annual Christmas Newsletter

(from Lincoln, NE to Des Moines, IA)

By the time Christmas of 2011 rolled around, I had just started my new job as a reporter for WHO-TV in Des Moines. I packed my bags and left my husband of only two months all in the name of following my dreams. Ryan continued working in Lincoln until he found a job in Des Moines. In March, Ryan got the news we were praying for. He was hired as the Director of Sales at the Hyatt Place in downtown Des Moines. For the past year, Ryan has thrived in his position and has even grown to appreciate all that Des Moines has to offer. We rented an apartment just blocks from downtown and have enjoyed the perks of being so close to shops, restaurants, and entertainment. As for me, I truly love what I do. Although I love to communicate, it’s been the people I’ve met and the stories I’ve been able to tell that have really made my job rewarding.

(Finding a House to Call our Home)
When the time came to start looking for a house, Ryan and I did our research. We looked into what city we wanted to live in, who had the best school districts and the least amount of crime.  When we narrowed down our list we contacted a realtor and began the hunt. As we looked at house after house, we would find things we liked in almost every house, however we both knew it wasn’t “the one.” One day we looked at a lovely home in Ankeny, that’s about 25 minutes North of downtown Des Moines. When we walked in we both knew we had found a contender. It had nearly everything we were looking for!  It was a two story home with an absolutely amazing finished basement. It also offered three bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms. When we decided it was for us, we made the call and got the process started. I knew the negotiations would be tough but I was going crazy. Ryan stayed strong and made sure we stayed at our budget all without compromising what we wanted. After what seemed like a long couple of days, we got word the home was ours! For Ryan and I that moment was amazing, we toasted with a glass of wine to a future in a home we would have so many memories in. We make the big move to Ankeny on January 18th and couldn’t be more excited!

(In our Free Time)

Ryan continues to be a passionate football fan! He has enjoyed cheering on the Chicago Bears and the Huskers. Go Big Red! I got involved volunteering at the Veterans Museum, and help interview Veterans about their experience in the service. I also have enjoyed cooking and attempting several craft projects. Together, Ryan and I have enjoyed checking out different restaurants in town, hanging out with our family and friends and staying in and watching the latest movie. We also spent a great deal of the year training for the Des Moines half marathon. It was a goal of mine to complete one, and although Ryan had already ran two in the past, I dragged him along too. The training wasn’t easy but it was fun for us to check out new trails around Des Moines and try and stay in shape! On race day my dear sister, Ashley ran the entire race with me, helping me cross the finish line eight seconds under my goal! Ryan also finished at his goal of two hours. We also celebrated our one year anniversary on October 15th. We went out for a nice dinner and came home to enjoy a piece of our wedding cake we had saved. Then we reminisced by watching our wedding video, looked through photos and read through the advice and well wishes left by our guests. In all, Ryan and I both agree we have had an amazing year! We both feel truly blessed, and thank all our family and friends for being so supportive over this past year. 2013 will bring more memories and we can’t wait to start making them! May you all have a blessed 2013 full of lots of love, laughter and happiness!